Is it so hard and expensive to get new clothes? I’ve got an idea for you that can help you have many clothes with just few clothes.

Clothes are not just used once, you can actually convert you old, wretched clothes to a more fashionable clothes or even refashion it to a more beautiful cloth, than it was before it got old. You can also refashion your new clothes into different styles without people recognizing it.

You can refashion a shirt to different styles

I’m Sure people won’t recognize that this was your old wretched shirt, fabulous! Someone might even tell you “I love your gown” smiles… We know what we did, so funny. HA!

Your can also convert your old bum short, maybe the bum bum part isn’t so long again to cover your bum bum, you can use a lace material or any piece of cloth to cover it with your needle and thread, making it more beautiful than it was.

Or maybe you were trying to convert your old trouser to a bum short and then the thread by the side rips off, you can also use a little piece of cloth to close it

Do you know you can also refashion your polo into a gown, maybe your were alone in your house and suddenly there was a knock at the door, “goshh!! No time to change” very simple, you can style your simple polo to a gown, probably, a handless gown, so tricky!

No worries, I gat ya!

Maybe you are tired of wearing your singlet simple you can also restyle it to something more fashionable

Probably, your white shoe which is no longer very white, you change your it into a beautiful, colourful shoe with just paint. Are you bothered about how to wash it, you can get a candle wax, or any wax and cover the whole part of the shoe with the wax by rubbing the wax on every part of the shoe to avoid water washing out the paint color.

You went to shop for a particular clothes and you found the plain one which is not what you wanted, no problem, the only problem is that you have to shop for more things, paints, which is not really difficult, with it you can design your clothes anyhow you want it.

You can also use materials to design a plain cloth, making it more beautiful

Life hack!!!

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